Allscripts Remote Application for iPhone Review

April 19, 2009

Over the weekend I saw a press release about Allscripts Remote (TM), an iPhone application by Allscripts that allows you to connect to your TouchWorks EHR (and Professional EHR) databases from anywhere. I searched the Apple Store and was surprised to see I could download it for Free. From what I understand, there will be a charge for this product and I’m assuming Allscripts will have to install licenses on clients servers for them to gain access, but they were nice enough to provide sample data so I could play around with the application.

Design: 10/10

The application is beautiful. They took advantage of all of the features the iPhone has to offer it’s programmers. It’s simple, which of course is critical when building an app for the iPhone.

Functionality: 8/10

I’m not surprised that Allscripts left out some major features of their TouchWorks EHR, seemingly because the real estate provided by the iPhone (or any other mobile device) doesn’t really allow for documenting/viewing a full note. Nonetheless, the ability to see a patient summary and even fax a note to an ER on a patient of yours is something I didn’t expect. That’s just a solid feature. The ability to verify lab results doesn’t hurt either.

Usability: 9/10

It’s simple to use. I honestly feel like even the most technically challenged physician could jump on the iPhone and just start using this app (with maybe a short tutorial). The most difficulty they would probably have is getting the hang of the iPhone keyboard.

I’m excited to see this thing in action, and I’m excited to show physicians what it can do.  My only question is: When will there be Voice Recognition on this thing?