Health Information Exchange

Access to patient data across a healthcare community is critical to improving patient care. More and more communities are focusing on the goal of providing accurate, real-time data to healthcare providers across organizations. We believe that each community is unique, and that a holistic approach must be taken to custom-fit a technology solution. Our goal is to work with clinicians and decision-makers to design and configure a solution that will ultimately streamline clinical workflow and improve efficiency across participating healthcare organizations while providing the data that clinicians need to improve patient care.

An Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution should provide accurate, real-time patient data to physicians across a community regardless of where the patient was seen. Not only does this allow physicians to provide a higher quality of patient care, but it reduces risk to patients and allows for a higher quality of care.

The MBA Advantage

MBA’s experience in the configuration and interfacing between multiple data points in a community setting gives us the perspective we need to understand the implications of each and every decision.

Our HIE Services

  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) Design and Implementation
  • EHR Configuration and Integration
  • Design and Optimize Clinical Workflow
  • Meaningful Use Analysis and Recommendations