Meaningful Use Consulting

Meaningful Use is one of the most important subjects in healthcare today. For any healthcare organization it is a top priority in order to achieve short-term and long-term success. The HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) program makes the attestation of Meaningful Use a primary obligation for all healthcare organizations. The main goal of the HITECH program, and thus Meaningful Use, is to improve the quality and service of the industry for providers, and more importantly, patients.

MBA HealthGroup provides strategies in order to prepare the organization to reach Meaningful Use objectives and measures. Our seasoned consultants are available to assist with the following:

  • Guide your organization through Meaningful Use (MU)
  • Create a process for reporting and tracking MU Objectives and Measures
  • Help you understand the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Objectives and Measures
  • Navigate you through build and workflow configurations
  • Train Providers and Clinical Staff on new MU Workflows
  • Aid in Meaningful Use attestation

Do not let your practice, group or hospitals get left behind; contact MBA HealthGroup to gain an understanding of the HITECH program and Meaningful Use objectives and measures. Our focus is on high levels of physician adoption, streamlined clinical workflow, and improved patient outcomes. The strategies and solutions we implement along with the knowledge and dedication of our consultants will allow your organization to improve patient care experiences through strength and intelligence.

Are you meeting ‘Meaningful Use’ requirements?

If you aren’t – we can help you get there. We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations and physicians to ensure they are meaningfully using their electronic medical record. With the right system and guidance, you can be sure you’re meeting all the right requirements.

We have the expertise to provide independent expert evaluations of healthcare information technology. MBA HealthGroup can help you make the right choices in Electronic Health Records, Practice Management Systems, Patient Portals and more.

For organizations that have gone live on an EHR, our Meaningful Use team can help implement Stage I measures and guide you through the Stage 2 measures so you’re ahead of the game.


Meaningful Use Stage 2

The requirements for Meaningful Use stage 2 require more planning and a greater level of reporting. More effort is focused on putting advanced processes in place to continually evolve EHR use. We’ve been working with our clients to keep them ahead of the game, so they meet Stage 2’s core measures, menu measures and more demanding thresholds put in place for 2014 Meaningful Use-certified EHRs.

Why start preparing now? The new thresholds and patient actions items in Meaningful Use Stage 2 are not difficult to achieve, but they are dependent on a factor of time. MBA will help you put your system and training in place – and design a proper plan – to ensure your organization achieves its goals in a timely & painless manner.

How we can help:

Meaningful Use 1 Analysis
Meaningful Use 2 Analysis/Planning
Clinical Workflow Redesign
Data Point Management
Health Information Exchange (HIE)