ICD-10 Services

ICD-10 may have been delayed, but it’s still wise to start preparing and implementing the system organizational changes required for ICD-10 readiness. Once your organization has made ICD- 10 transitioning a priority, our ICD-10 consulting experts can work with you to create a planned strategy with complete buy-in and support from all stakeholders.


We can help you with:

  • Business Roadmap and Development
  • Training
  • Early Assessment Review
  • In-depth Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Implementation Planning and Design
  • Implementation and ICD-10 Compliance

Business Roadmap & Development

To properly achieve any results, it always starts with a well mapped out plan. MBA creates a map, so you can see the step-by-step organized process for future change. We embed the sense of urgency within the organization to get the ball rolling and drive change forward.


Our series of training sessions provide key information about the ICD-10 code set. The training covers – how to use it – what benefits you receive from it – and the implementation steps needed to get there.

Early Assessment Review

By conducting an early review, MBA is able to explain on a high level, how ICD-10 will impact your organization. Our review encompasses all the factors: people, technology and business processes to effectively evaluate the impact of ICD-10.

In-depth Assessment & Gap Analysis

We work with our clients to define their present state. After reviewing the list of processes for each department – from intake of a patient – to filing of the final claim – and the resulting data analytic we can identify how the coding touches each area of work flow. By identifying strong competencies and looking at current performance levels, we’re able to consider the potential impact of ICD-10 on future performance.

Implementation Planning & Design

Based on the findings from the early review assessment – we develop the detailed design. The design focuses on full and project-specific implementation assistance in project management, revenue cycle and information technology to help ensure timeliness and minimal disruption to operations. Lastly, we create a detailed project plan based on the design that carefully balances all factors.

ICD-10 Compliance

Any modifications to the implementation plan are based on recommendations gathered from the planning and design period. MBA guides you through ICD-10 testing and preparing for EDI exchanges.