EHR Implementation

EHR (Electronic Health Record) implementation isn’t just about software, it’s about people and workflow. Understanding the clinical setting and the value of efficient processes using software is the key to a successful implementation. MBA HealthGroup’s EHR implementation consultants have collectively implemented EHRs in hundreds of medical practices and hospitals. We have worked on the ground with thousands of physicians to execute on an implementation plan we custom designed based on industry best-practices. We focus on integrating with existing clinical workflows wherever possible to increase adoption and ultimately, physician satisfaction.

A Successful EHR Implementation

Many healthcare organizations don’t have the resources to devote to a full-time project team during an implementation. Our implementation consultants and project management resources can hit the ground running – while you and your team continue to do your jobs. Our understanding of EHR functionality distinctively positions us to impact every aspect of the EHR implementation process.

A step towards improved patient outcomes

The EHR is a critical tool that ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes by collecting clinical data required to make decisions and improve patient safety. We help you find the balance between EHR customization and standardization across an organization in an effort to maximize EHR use while gather all the necessary patient data.


Our EHR Implementation Services

  • Project planning
  • Long-term implementation resources
  • Long-term project management resources
  • Deployment strategy
  • Configuration strategy
  • Scanning strategy