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Five Essentials for Starting a Medical Practice

1. CHALLENGE READINESS Owning your own practice, while challenging at times, is a rewarding and satisfying accomplishment. As a physician, you are no stranger to long days and working hard to achieve what you want. Thomas Edison said it best, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like […]

Epic Inpatient Tip of the Week: Automatic & Manual Cascading Rows

Automatic & Manual Cascading Rows Inpatient nurses have a lot of competing  responsibilities during the course of a shift, one of which is accurate documentation. Even though this is a critical task it can be time consuming and tedious. Finding efficiencies can help the inpatient nurse focus more of their time on patient care and […]

Epic Inpatient Tip of the Week: Filtering Notes

3 ways for users to Filter Notes in Epic Inpatient One of the biggest advantages for clinicians using an EHR is their ability to access a patient’s chart from anywhere with a secure internet connection. With electronic charting it is no longer necessary for a provider to physically travel through a maze of hospital hallways […]

Allscripts TouchWorks EHR/PM Tips: September 2014

Allscripts TouchWorks EHR Tip of the Month By hiding toolbars, users are able to expand the margins and experience improved readability of the patient medical record. With fewer controls and borders filling the frame, TouchWorks EHR users might find it easier to locate what they are actually “looking for” during the patient encounter. Set TouchWorks […]

Epic Inpatient Tip of the Week: Using Synopsis Activity

You have a patient under your care who has received several interventions, procedures, and medication changes over the course of their admission. As usual, you and your staff have done an impeccable job of documenting all the relevant clinical data over the patient’s entire admission. Vitals were taken and entered every 30 minutes, medication changes […]

The Importance of Accuracy in Medical Payment Posting

When posting payments in a practice management system the need for accuracy is essential. Inaccurate postings can result in serious downstream financial affects for your practice. Though the importance and possible negative ramifications of posting payments inaccurately are seemingly obvious, mistakes can easily occur with a simple typo. When posting an insurance payment to the […]

4 Tips for a Smooth TouchWorks MU Stage 2 Upgrade

Congratulations you are ready for the Meaningful Use Stage 2 upgrade with TouchWorks EHR! You have likely made it partially or all the way through your primary upgrade to v11.4.1 and are now focusing on the MU2 upgrade.  Based on the experiences of our consultants we wanted to share some key things to focus on. […]

Take Advantage of the ICD-10 Delay: Focus on these 6 Key Areas

The most recent delay just three months ago pushed back the ICD-10 compliance date to October 01, 2015. The delay places many physicians in a difficult position of deciding how much time to invest, the amount of financial and staffing resources physicians continue to dedicate to this process, and the ultimate transition as they press […]